Preventative Maintenance

BTS plans preventative maintenance programs on a quarterly basis to provide advanced client notification and to ensure that preventative maintenance occurs at the intervals required and in the most efficient manner.

ach quarter, by 1st of December, 1st of March, 1st of June and 1st of August, BTS submits the next quarter’s plan to our clients for approval. These plans indicate the sites to be visited during the next quarter. Any necessary variations to approved plans are requested with notice prior to the scheduled visit. Our objectives in providing this plan to our clients are that:
  • Clients will be fully aware of the timing for the visit and will be aware of any site/service effects of the visit.
  • Clients have the opportunity to request special works at the site during the visit.
  • Clients are aware of the timing for preventative maintenance reports that will be received from us prior to the preventative maintenance visit.

Preventative maintenance reports include a comprehensive on-site activity criteria which ensures that all site components and infrastructure has maintenance conducted to manufacturers' or Australian standards.

Preventative maintenance plans also include maintenance conducted by qualified specialist service agents such as standby power plant, air conditioning, etc.

Our NOC can add value by managing planned outages for system maintenance or repair.  The Remedy system can be used to record and track planned outages from creation through to risk management, approval and notification.