Health and Safety


In accordance with its duty of care, BTS, with full consultation with those who may be affected, ensures the health, safety and welfare of BTS people, contractors and the public by providing a safe working environment.

This includes using safe systems of work, keeping all premises, plant and substances in a safe condition, and providing sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that our people, contractors and the public are safe from injury and health risks.

BTS provides all health and safety information available to our people and contractors. We have a consultation process so that all our people and contractors can comment on any or all health and safety processes and instructions. All comments will be carefully considered and, where appropriate, will be incorporated into the health and safety information.

The BTS health and safety system will be treated as a sub-system of BTS’ quality system. BTS Quality Auditors conduct regular audits of our groups against the Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.

It is a BTS policy that people will not be expected to undertake work unless they have sufficient experience to ensure that no one is at risk of harm or are supervised by a competent person or have received adequate training prior to undertaking the work.