Control of Non-Conforming Product or Services


BTS uses documented routines and our clients' input for determining how to handle a non-conforming product, which includes defined responsibility for review and authority for the disposition of the non-conforming product. The non-conforming product will be reviewed in accordance with documented procedures. These may include:
  • Reworking to meet the specified requirements, or
  • Accepting with or without repair by concession, or
  • Alternative use, or
  • Rejecting or scrapping, or
  • Eliminating the cause for the non-conformity, or
  • Preventative/corrective action to prevent recurrence.

If required, proposed use or repair of a non-conforming product are reported to our clients for concession. The description of non-conformity that has been accepted, and of repairs, is recorded in our asset management system noting the actual condition. The repaired and reworked product is re-inspected in accordance with documented procedures.